About Me

Hailing from the countryside of Brazil, I am a rising creative development producer whose journey into the world of film was ignited by an unwavering sense of curiosity and passion for traveling that has defined me from a young age. Navigating the challenges of a household marked by the absence of critical thinking and effective communication, I discovered an escape and a means of self-expression through the art of filmmaking. Telling visual stories changed my life, allowing me to convey my thoughts, emotions, and perspectives in a medium that transcended the limitations of my surroundings.

Driven by a dream to democratize access to making and watching movies, I am on a mission to break barriers and bring compelling narratives to audiences worldwide. Specializing in crafting provoking, multi-country, thriller genre movies, I aim to tell unique experiences that resonate universally. I am convinced that my latest production, "Sueños Violentos," directed by the talented Chilean filmmaker Amaris Pueyes-Mendez, truly represents the culmination of these cherished values and years of dedication and continuous learning. Through my work, I aspire to bridge cultural gaps, challenge societal norms, and provide a platform for untold and forgotten stories. As I continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of creative development, my commitment to fostering inclusivity and diverse storytelling remains unwavering.

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